Journeying to find moments of beauty in chaos. Working on abstract painting, color and cultural anthropology as an intricate visual language.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The legacy of an atypical background, Afro-Puerto Rican and Scottish American, is a lived experiential rip current. The wind waves or fluid dynamic of experience in the moment combine with a strong undertow of cultural and anthropological sensitivity to art history, informing my painting studio practice.

When in the studio, paintings are made with the hope they will eventually be viewed in natural light. A personal visual language has evolved over time to include intuitive and calculated painted actions, navigating pictorial space and intricate color relationships to describe transformational moments. The influence of the studio environment is a strong motivating force. The phenomena of the physical world whose geology and wildlife are self made, in spite of human influence, is my artistic and creative safe harbor.  

The paintings begin from sketches. These are mapped out onto primed wooden panels and sometimes tree branches. Color decisions are assigned in advance, as well as a plan to begin layering certain areas in succession. Sometimes a final image exists as a vision when starting painting, and the painting is a process of reaching to it (volition; desire.) Almost always this process discovers a related but new and unexpected image, a transformation from the imagined end image to the mystery and wonder of an unexpected new one.

Art School:

            A holistic approach to pedagogy, emphasizing experience and phenomenon as the keys to creative intelligence, nurtured through dedicated focus and critical skill mastery.